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About Mia & Mya

Mia & Mya are 5 year old identical twin sisters who live with their single mom. The sisters have two older siblings that we will later introduce. They face a lot of issues that alot of other little kids face. Their story touches on the subject of Bullying and being raised by a single parent . The twins are lovable, smart and adventures and despite the fact they sometimes don't get a long they love each other and have each others back. 


"Excellent adventure and based on a beautiful set of strong twins."

Lattice Chess-Story

"I like that this is a small but powerful book, it talks about a single mom raising her children alone and who is training her children to love and respect others and also teaching them how not to be a bully. And even though there father is not present in there life, they have their mom to be both parents to them. And this goes out to all the single moms who are doing the same thng!"

Cassandra S. 

"Ordered this book for my newborn. I want her to be exposed to various genres books. I had the opportunity to read it to children in the family and it kept them engaged. I hope the author is working on a follow up!"

Deidra Johnson