Meet Mia and Mya! The twin sisters who love to learn, so much so that they learn something new every single day. Life for these twin sisters is one life-size question mark filled with wondrous life lessons inside. Mia and Mya’s single mother has a front row seat to her daughter’s adventurous teachable moments and even learns a thing or two along with her twins. Because everything in Mia and Mya’s life has always come in a set of two, readers will enjoy two relatable, heartwarming, and inspiring stories in this one book! One story explores bullying and its impact. Mia attempts to bully Mya’s friend unaware of the word or definition. Thankfully, their mother comes to the rescue and teaches her twins the importance of being fair and kind. The second story explores the twin’s feelings about growing up without their father. Mia and Mya’s Twin Adventures is packed with vital lessons in clear and simple terms that children need at an early age.

Mia and Mya Twin Adventures - Two Story Book

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